Gifts & Home Decor

Although we specialize in laser engraving and the handcrafted arts, we also offer figurines, gifts and home decor by other reputable companies whose quality matches the standard in which we strive for.  When browsing our gifts & home decor pages – product that we do not produce may not always be in stock. We try to keep our website as up-to-date as possible – there may be times when we have missed removing an item from our pages that is no longer available. 

Cork Trivets

Laser engraved cork trivets provide a heat resistant barrier between the heat source and the tabletop preventing damage to the tabletop. 

Beer & BBQ round cork trivet $9.95 each
Stand Back Dad's Grilling round cork trivet $9.95 each
Dad's Barbeque round cork trivet $9.95 each
Real Men square cork trivet $9.95 each
BBQ Timer square cork trivet $9.95 each
Warning May Talk square cork trivet $9.95 each

Hand-Painted Garden Art & Stepping Stones

Purple Hibiscus crescent $12.50 each

Hand Dotted Mandala Art

Each unique Mandala art piece is painted by hand, not machine and no two are ever alike! There’s no pattern involved and I never know what it’s going to look like until the final dot is placed!

Faux Chalkboard Signs

Kind Words Like Honey